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Social Responsibility Initiatives

At the Ankit Group, we are very passionate about education. The more we learn, the better we grow. We understand that there is no dearth of engineering talent in India- only a dearth of training opportunities.

To address this gap, our Technical Graduate Trainee Program helps new graduates learn about the inner workings of Aerospace industry. An extended version of this program is the three-year-long Skill Development Program which helps employees in Ankit Group companies invest in their education in the domain, and opens up opportunities for vertical movement within the Group.

Apart from these initiatives, we also support the initiatives of local schools and primary education centres around our workshop, in partnership with competent local NGOs.

Our Commitment To The Environment

We are very cognizant of the impact of human activity on the planet. We believe that it is possible to live sustainably, and that we need to invest time, energy, and thought into better ways of living.

With this in mind, we have invested in a new research wing spearheaded by an accomplished team. The wing’s primary aim is to work on solving problems that plague us today, so we may live a better life in harmony with the plant, for many years to come.

Please stay tuned, more updates on this will follow soon.

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