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A Journey Of
A Thousand Miles

The challenge in the manufacturing industry isn’t that opportunities for innovation do not exist. The past decade has shown us that innovation in manufacturing leads us to the future of how we live our very lives.

Our Group companies have worked with, and continue to work with, prestigious Indian and global clients. We learn from the very best in the world, and bring these processes into our fold as a means to make manufacturing better. Adopting the German Method of Manufacturing, considered an industry standard, was a crucial step in this direction, and we have only just begun.


Ankit fasteners

Ankit Fasteners is a joint venture with LISI Aerospace, France. Established in 2002 for the exclusive manufacture of Aerospace fastener components, Ankit Fasteners is going from strength to strength.


Ankit Aerospace

Established in 2011, Ankit Aerospace specialises in supplying high-quality complex machined parts, fluid fittings, small assemblies for safer flights, and advanced spacecraft.


Ankit Engineering

Ankit Engineering manufactures fasteners for Automotive, industrial, and electronic hardware applications.